Prostitutes’ War Group: Field Action Report #2, South East Asian Region:

Prostitutes, in collaboration with our non-prostitute illegalist comrades, yesterday undertook an action to expropriate the possessions of a high-ranking member of the central Jakarta Military Police. Although this action was not undertaken exclusively by prostitutes, the action was at the initiative of a prostitute. The prostitute’s co-conspirators were so-called “criminals”. (In tribute to their enthusiasm for undertaking the action, the prostitute mentions in admiration that the co-collaborators were ‘instinctual’ anti-authoritarians. Never having reading “seminal anarchist texts” (written by old white men centuries ago);  through real life experiences of long-term multiple systemic oppressions and criminilisation by State forces, our co- collaborators have an inherently astute analysis of OUR enemies and the totalitarian regimes they perpetuate. Similarly, their attitudes are fueled by rage and various expressions of latently political praxis (lives diametrically opposed to the redundant and self-indulgent wank of anarchists who engage solely in theoretical  discussion.)

A prostitute had the opportunity to service a member of the Central Jakarta Military Police, and subsequently identify this SOCIAL WAR CRIMINAL’S home address (and penchant for smoking methamphetamine). In revolt at the social war criminal’s blatant hypocrisy, the prostitute passed pertinent information onto their so-call “criminal” comrades, all of whom have been similarly persecuted by those who we recognize as the most reviled foot soldiers of fascism. We recognise these State thugs as directly complicit and responsible for the innumerable arbitrarily beatings, sexual assaults, prison sentences, harassment, and extortion we have all experienced for engaging in the same so-called “vices” these repulsive hypocrites enthusiastically embrace (and indeed profit from, personally and systemically).

Throughout the tedious hours spent entertaining the dog’s constant nationalist muttering, the prostitute repressed their disgust and desire to engage in an alternative political tirade of their own. Rather, the prostitute focused on gathering as much intelligence as possible pertaining to the creature, with the sole aim of attempting to identify an opportunity to extract OUR revenge and contribute to the amplification of the social war through an action involving property expropriation.

Using their PRO-fessional wiles and skills, the prostitute filmed the encounter and undertook a covert assessment of goods which could be easily liberated from the dog’s home. The prostitute also identified when the dog would be engaged in his job of torturing our friends and comrades, and when his home would ostensibly be empty of his (presumably long-suffering) wife, lowly paid domestic slaves, and children.

Hence, with the knowledge of the dog’s long holiday weekend plans, a team of us visited the dog’s house to ensure it was empty. With ease, we were able to gain access. Once inside, we joyfully and mischievously liberated and expropriated as many of the social war criminal’s expensive and ostensibly highly prized possessions as we were able to transport.

In addition to loathing uniformed dogs, we undertook this action to provide anonymous resources to several informal networks of similar minded insurrectionists and anarchists we have enduring solidarity and respect for (and several of us participate in). We felt it was similarly essential to provide material support, solidarity and resources to our friends currently incarcerated in spirit-crushing local prisons.

Post successful-action, we collectively decided that the ultimate mockery would be to sell the goods we expropriated back to members of State apparatuses due to their inherent corruption, petty scams and culture of extortion. In Jakarta, our enemies in the cops, military, special forces, and ‘human’ drones working for State departments, are primarily of the reviled, aspirational moneyed class. Seemingly those of this ilk share a desperate penchant for parading their consumer ‘goods’ as an affirmation of their existential identities.

Similarly, we were highly amused by the irony of selling our heist back to the filth (at an inflated price- much more than we could have negotiated with our local fence) as we expect nothing less than an “all-in, closed-ranks” response everytime pigs are “held to account” for violating their “professional code of honour/conduct”. Hence, to our amusement and contempt, we are confident the last place they will investigate in searching for the liberated property is each other.

Whilst tonight we gloat, we send a non-negotiable message to the dog whose possessions we liberated… If you try to find us, remember: we know your home address; we have intimate video footage of your pathetically unsatisfying attempts at fucking and rampant illicit drug use (drug use we feel compelled to point out, those without the ‘protection’ of a uniform would face a minimum 3 year sentence for engaging in); we covertly took photos of your vomit inducing staged “happy family” portraits (including your wife and children); and if we suspect you are in any way involved in the inevitable upcoming Ramadan raids on our workspaces we will make your life VERY UNCOMFORTABLE!


Prostitutes War Group: Communique #1, 2017: Prostitutes Avenging Wass’ah

Prostitutes Avenging Wass’ah (PAW) are a cell of Prostitutes War Group (PWG) based in the colonial regime of so-called “Australia”.

PAW was instigated with the sole objective of debunking the vomit inducing nationalist narrative of the Australian New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACS) – mythological martyrs held in holy reverence by the drone ‘citizens’ of “Australia”. On the annual horror-inducing day of nationalist puke, 25 April, we release this communique in criticism at the historical revisionism of ANZAC Day.

PAW recognizes and unreservedly rejects the fantasy of the ANZACS (hereafter referred to as Khaki-clad scum) as patriotic “good old boys and/or boisterous larrikins who sacrificed their lives for the [alleged] freedoms we ‘enjoy’ today” in the “young and free” stolen land of “Australia”. We condemn the misogynist, racist, fascist narrative regarding the Khaki-clad scum as a WHITEWASHING of history, which is perpetuated by the “Australian” State (and in complicity, the jingoistic propaganda of the mainstream media).

With iconoclasm fueling our political analysis, and as a response to living in occupied First Nation lands, we deem the Khaki-clad scum as undeniably responsible for perpetuating the vilest forms of misogynist and racist genocide on our African prostitute sisters in Cairo, Egypt.

Outside of ultra-nationalist war enthusiasts who deem it “a laugh” (the same irredeemable patriots who drape themselves in “Australian” flags and are proud of the Southern Cross tattoos smeared across their ruddy complexions), the so-deemed “Battle of Wass’ah” is a little known and barely acknowledged racist event in which literally hundreds of our African prostitute sisters were subject to the vilest excesses of testosterone-fueled violence, displacement, and genocide.

The alleged “Battle of Wass’ah” was not a battle at all. It was a vicious rampage of bloodlust intended to “punish” the prostitutes of Haret El Wass’ah on the superstitious Xtian day of ‘Good Friday’, 2 April, 1915. The Khaki-clad scum took it upon themselves to extract revenge on the perceived audacity of the Haret El Wass’ah prostitutes for demanding adequate compensation for enduring the imaginably taxing work of attempting to coax cum from inherently insecure, frightened men whose only bravado was alcohol-induced.

In the 1000s of fucks over our collective decades of prostitution, PAW intimately understand the frustration and boredom involved in placating stingy, arrogant, drunken mugs- full of resentment at the indignity of having to pay for sex. Men whose systems are so sodden with alcohol that they are unable to achieve even the merest of erections, a situation which only exacerbates the mug’s resentment against us- as if his sexual ineptitude is somehow our responsibility. Hence, PAW fully support our sisters in the Haret El Wass’ah in demanding adequate compensation for the odious task of tending to impotent men-children.

According to accounts from the Khaki-clad scum, who aggrandized their aggression and displacement of the prostitutes of Haret El Wass’ah, “Our chaps and the New Zealanders pulled and burnt half of it down, pianos, chairs, tables, women and all went out the window. As soon as they hit the ground, on the fire they went. It would have been a good thing if they had burnt every bit of it to the ground.”

A similar gormeless braggart writes, “We saw a riot in the evening, in which the soldiers took part. We saw a crowd hurrying towards the disreputable part of the town and followed, to find that Australian and some New Zealanders had invaded a house of ill-fame, and having cast the furniture into the street, set fire to it. A fire brigade arrived, but the hoses were cut and the brigade pelted off the scene. I saw a cart wheel heaved at the engine. At this the riot ran wild, and large pieces of furniture were cast into the road. The building was set afire…The cause of the riot, to New Zealanders and Australians alike, seems as if an Australian was haggling over the question of change.”

Due to the mythologizing of the Khaki-clad scum for the interests of state propaganda purposes, and the inherent revisionism of history, PAW have been unable to ascertain how many of our African prostitute sisters were injured, displaced, and the economic losses they suffered as a result of the rampage. However, given what we have researched regarding the subject, it seems there were hundreds of our sisters who were tormented by the Khaki-scum.

Therefore, although we do not believe in the State, and therefore make no demands of it, we present a series of suggestions regarding repatriation and re-education regarding the Khaki-scum for the purposes of further debate and discussion, namely:

  • Full and explicit recognition by the Australian Defense Forces of the desecration of Haret El Wass’ah as a war crime, fueled by racism and misogyny, perpetrated by the Khaki-scum. Similarly, those who participated in the war crime, to be publically deemed war criminals, and their offspring (who proudly march in the putrid patriotic parade bearing the medals of their forbearers), to have all war memorabilia confiscated and melted into jewelry to be bestowed upon local African and First Nation sex workers as token recognition of the war crimes and genocide committed by the ‘Australian’ state.
  • Economic compensation, (funded through the wages of all Australian Defense Forces (ADF) personnel and in lieu of further “Australian” government investment in armaments and unnecessary tools for participation in AmeriKKKan-led wars and ‘regional interventions’), to the offspring of our prostitute sisters from the Haret El Wass’ah.
  • A high-profile national re-education campaign funded through the wages of all ADF personnel to redress the whitewashing of the Khaki-scum myth. This should include the destruction of all colonial-esq war monuments, the renovation and reconstruction of Commonwealth War Cemeteries into public queer sex spaces, and the indoctrination of children into acceptance of SOCIAL WAR as a legitimate alternative to misogynist, racist and fascist state/nationalist wars.
  • Although we do not believe in state armies, PAW recognizes the inherent homophobia and sexism rampant in such institutions. Therefore we believe that male soldiers in particular must be included in ‘hands-on’ training focusing on the pleasures of homo sex.

In progressing these ideas, PAW, for a negotiated fee, offer to provide coordination, facilitation and transparent oversight of the aforementioned suggestions.

Furthermore, in terms of the “celebration” of Khaki-clad scum day, PAW advocate:

  • Disrupting the vile excesses of nationalist parades using a diversity of creative strategies
  • Desecration of sacred sites for patriots (i.e./ war memorials/ cemeteries/ RSLs etc)
  • Creative, loud and public denunciations of the khaki-clad scum as war criminals
  • Liberating and burning of “Australian” flags

Furthermore PAW encourage our prostitute comrades to:


  • Boycott any and all mugs who participate in the patriotic puke
  • Alternatively, enact a 50% price rise for prostitution services to nationalists and use the money for progressing revolutionary and social war causes
  • Use creative methods to sabotage said mugs in solidarity with our sisters in Haret El Wass’ar



Prostitutes’ War Group: Field action report 2017 #1

Prostitutes War Group (PWG) is extremely pleased to relay a field action recently undertaken by a Spanish comrade. PWG received a detailed account of a successful sabotage against a particularly odious character our comrade undertook offensive, covert action against. PWG salute the prowess of our comrade and extends our respect, solidarity, and kudos to the brazen attitude and PRO-fessional  skills our comrade exemplified in magnifying and progressing OUR social war against the foot soldiers of fascistic capital.
To ensure the security and anonymity of the comrade PWG are unwilling to provide explicit details of the action. We present here a re-written summary of the action report we received which we believe contains only facts pertaining to the event. However, with full confidence we can verify the action was authentic and was undertaken as reported by our comrade.
We urge PROSTITUTES across the globe to take inspiration from our comrade- amplify your offensives! Mercilessly and creatively seize any and all opportunities to wreak our revenge on our avowed enemies- the elite and their lackeys! Avante PWG!


A Spanish anarchist prostitute recently had the euphoric experience of sabotaging a belligerent SOCIAL WAR CRIMINAL holidaying in their region.

Our comrade reports that whist relaxing in a notorious bar of ill- repute they had the good fortune to encounter a drunken, mid-ranking, long serving member of the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Through engaging in inane conversation with said social war criminal, our comrade verified the identity of the unsuspecting cretin and formulated a devious plan to extract OUR revenge on the lecherous enemy. Utilising their PRO-fessional charisma and ILLEGALIST skills in subterfuge our comrade artlessly extracted bile-inducing information from the filthy swine.

Our comrade reports the social war criminal scum as active, complicit, and unreservedly unrepentant of his participation in implementing the fascist and racist agenda of the so-called “Australian” government. Specifically the filth unashamedly relayed information pertaining to his direct involvement in:

• The deportation of refugees to the racist “Australian” gulag of Christmas Island.

•The “training” of “native” police in the Solomon Islands, specifically in “neutralising” political dissent. The foot soldier of fascism relished in expanding upon AFP “training” strategies (under the guise of “Australian regional foreign aid and intervention”); including the use of the chemical weapon, capsicum spray, and live ammunition in “defensive and offensive street manoeuvres” aimed at quelling popularist, anti-interventionist protest.

•Responsibility for facilitating 6 month “training” programs for “new recruits” to the despised ranks of the AFP. (Upon fauxdmirational, wide- eyed questioning by our comrade regarding the content of the “training” the vile creature spewed forth a racist tirade, exposing the inherent fascistic and nationalistic culture of the AFP. The pig revealed that “although it wasn’t official policy”, he and his cohort trainers advised the newly recruited social war criminals under their tutelage to actively avoid “inter-racial” marriage. The laughably pathetic theory being that multi-ethnic breeding could potentially result in offspring being “kidnapped by the foreign parent”- resulting in unwanted work by the AFP to return the offspring to their ostensibly “natural” home in “Australia”.)

• Active participation in the establishment of the much reviled Indonesian anti-terrorism “88” forces, whose primary mandate is to ensure the insulation of “Australian” nationals from anti- antipodean sentiment.

•Responsibility for “protecting” the property of an equally odious and repulsive war criminal, the Sydney- based AmeriKKKan ambassador. (From the repulsive ramblings of the pig, our comrade was able to extract partial details of this potential target’s home address.)

Our comrade was also able to extract minor operational details of the AFP, included here for salacious anti- cop sentiment. Namely that:

•The AFP “intelligence” investigators are almost exclusively over 50 years of age due to their perceived inability to maintain the minimal physical requirements of the “force”. Additionally, due to their careers as fascistic forces of oppression, they are bestowed with “field expertise” which equips them with responsibility for identifying targets in policy-driven persecution. The megalomaniac maggot also reported that the AFP investigation unit contains a core of pigs in their 70s who refuse to retire. Our comrade commented that despite the dotage inherent in old, white men, these long term proponents of sick patriotism allegedly provide “inspiration” to the aspirational younger generation of AFP robo- fash.

• The unbelievable assertion that “there is no corruption in the AFP” due to internal organisational policies requiring our enemies amongst the rank to “self report” income from “extra-curricular” sources.


•That AFP social war criminals are compensated the outrageous wage of $3000 AUD per week for “putting their lives on the line” as foot soldiers for unyielding forces of State repression.


With a predatory smile the unsuspecting fool mistook for infatuation, our comrade internally mocked the arrogance and over-confidence of the stinking swine, who despite his boastful bravado, was unable to recognise the potential danger posed by a covert anti- authoritarian saboteur. With a sly sleight-of-hand manoeuvre which went unnoticed by the enemy (so engrossed was he in relaying his self- aggrandizing cop vomit), our comrade introduced a certain stupefying substance to the pig’s  liquor. Ensuring the creature’s snout remained in its glass, snorting down the entire dose of tainted elixir, our comrade reports they had little difficulty in feigning merriment, reveling in their successful subterfuge.

As the substance took effect, the filth slurred his adoration for our comrade and made several pathetic, lurched attempts to kiss them. Gracefully our comrade rebuffed the repulsive creature’s sad and lonely attempts at self-affirmation under theself-deluded guise of romance. Our comrade instead suggested the pitiful creature utilise the ATM to access one of the numerous bank accounts the fool had previously boasted about. Obediently the pig ceded to the suggestion and upon completion of the task bestowed his wallet (containing a digital treasure trove of credit cards, personal identification and effects, and his official AFP war criminal identification) upon our comrade, slurring through bloodshot, slit eyes that he “instinctively trusted” them.

Our comrade escorted the incapacitated fool to his lodgings and with feigned compassion and concern for his welfare, guided the man-child to his crib, where he promptly fell into a heavy, grunting slumber. Confidently, our comrade thoroughly searched the scumbag’s room. Locating his blood money and certain personal effects essential to the social war criminals profession and his ultimately insecure sense of  identity, our comrade gleefully and maliciously liberated all  they could. Reportedly our comrade donated a portion of the proceeds of their heist to a revolutionary cause.

Our comrade commented that they fervently hope the abhorrent swine awoke with an unbearable headache, exacerbated by multiple frustrations and humiliations in the realisation he was deliberatly targeted, outwitted, and sabotaged by a vengeful, avowed PROSTITUTE!!



We are the whores of the worst nightmare of the shitstem.
PWG is an internationalist collective of anarchist revolutionary queer insurrectionist PROSTITUTES: rising up to realise our power, using our pro-fessional ILLEGALIST skills to sabotage our ideological enemies. We will disarm and ultimately destroy those who perpetuate the Social War against us – WAR that is inherent in the fascistic capitalistic Shitstems imposed on us. They try to render us powerless conformists, through their sick perversions of ‘Judeo- Xtian Morality’, ‘Law & Order’, and ‘Justice’ – that only serve to emotionally, spiritually and physically RAPE us.
MALA-PRO-PISMS: 1. Some purported Anarchists believe Prostitutes to be exploited within a standard superficial gendered framework. We reject this, we are utter Transgressives and Iconoclasts. There are no binaries, only the maximal fluidity of gender and sexuality which we gloss as QUEER. We intrinsically reject and transgress all the ‘norms’ of culture, law, religion, Capital, that only serve to Oppress us and channel power and wealth to the same sad sick stunted elite men who beg for our sexual succour.
2. Prostitution is commonly rendered as an inherently a-political profession. A crippling, steel-clad boot in the bollocks to that assertion! As anti-workerists we believe in the formula: Least amount of labour/ for Highest rates of pay. We have no interest in careerism or ‘respectable’ lowly paid employment. As avowed HOIZONTALISTS, we find the narrative of the romanticised working class (i.e/ happy but poor) ‘noble’ proletarian as deeply offensive as the enduring Orientalist myth of the ‘noble savage’. We fundraise on our own terms to enable our Autonomy, the time and freedom to realise and unleash our own latent Power, and to bestow solidarity on those we respect in their offensive actions against systemic control. We reject so-called labour rights and the decriminalisation of Prostitution demanded by state funded ‘sex worker’ groups and deem these efforts mere reformism. As Prostitutes, we make more cash in hand in the grimy undergrowth than working for the legitimated boss. We revel in our outlaw criminal status.
THEREFORE We have no desire to reform the system. We are dedicated to its Total Destruction!
Prostitutes have unique access to the ‘elite’: the industrialists, maggot-strates, our fine representative politicians, religious leaders, the ultra-rich and their lackeys in the filth. Those who urgently press their grubby money on us, out of a pathetic desire for affirmation and as an antidote to their miserable lives. And thereby we have the power to wreak terror and humiliation upon them! We are uniquely placed to expose their hypocrisy and pathetic predilections… when they pay us to shit on their faces we take so much more pleasure in that act than their insulated, retarded emotional responses could comprehend.
Under our saccharine smiles and feigned delight, we are watching. Waiting for our moment to strike, to humiliate, expose, and torture those who are directly complicit in perpetuating the systems of state control, fascistic capitalist repression and social war. We covertly, creatively unleash our rage. Taste OUR WAR, scumbags!
We hereby urge our queer and genderfluid whore comrades across the globe to further the insurrectionist wet dream. No offensive action is too taboo in realising sabotage of those who would would deem themselves our ‘masters’, and the foot soldiers who perpetuate the Social War. We advocate thieving, drugging, kidnap, intelligence gathering, assassinations, public exposure, and corrupting their children. We will share our successes under the banner of the Prostitutes War Group: Communiques will follow thicker and quicker than a horny corrupt cop.
In Solidarity with all anarcho-whore saboteurs fighting the social war through whatever unconventional and direct means are at our disposal. Avante Prostitutes War Group! No retreat, no surrender, until the last pig is strung up with the blood-splattered tie of the last industrialist! VIVA LA PUTA!